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If you are interested in reading Salman Khan biography, Salman Khan facts, Salman Khan History and Salman Khan Earnings, you are at the right spot.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is one of the greatest and most liked Bollywood superstars. With net worth and earnings of more than $220 million and appearance in more than 100 Indian movies, Salman has earned his legacy with talent and hard work. We are huge fans of Salman Khan, and if you are interested in getting to know everything important about his life, legacy, earnings, personal life and career you are at the right spot.

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When and where was Salman born?

To get to know a person, you got to acknowledge where he was born and how he lived. Salman Khan was born back in 1965 (he is now 50 years old) on December 27. He was born in Madhya Pradesh, one of the biggest states in India, in the city Indore.

Indore in the 60s was a crowded city, but also known as one of the best cities to get educated in. The Indian Institute of Technology is located there. Now with more than 3 million populations it is one of 10 biggest cities in India and one of the 70 biggest cities in the world.

Salman Khan was a son of a screenwriter, so he got his movie genes from his father. His mother is Maharashtrian and his paternal ancestors were Pathan. That is why he often say that he is a Muslim and a Hindu too.

More important Salman was raised by his stepmother who was also an actress. His brothers also later became actors and married actresses. So, acting was basically the only option of Salman when he was maturing. Or, with other words, we can easily say that Salman Khan had acting in his genes and DNA. It is no wonder that he has such a great career with so many successful movies and critically acclaimed roles. Salman originates from an acting family.

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But, it is important to say that Salman didn’t get himself educated to be an actor. He went to a high school in Mumbai and later started a college there, but he dropped out. He had different vision for his life, he wanted to start an acting career. However, he didn’t know exactly how to do it and where to find the best role.

Salman Khan Acting Career

How did he start?

Salman Khan got his first breakthrough when he was 22 years, several months after he dropped out of college. He had a small supporting role in the movie Biwi Ho To Aisi, but sadly his voice was not used, instead other actor’s voice was used. But, the goal was achieved, he was noticed by other producers and because of his talent and looks, he got the role that made him a star. The role of Sooraj in the drama Maine Pyar Kiya. This was 1989 when he was just 23 years old. The movie was so successful, that he started to be recognized everywhere. It is still one of the highest earning Indian movies of all time. It was a massive success. From then on the journey continued and he managed to touch the sky!

Rise to the stars!

Salman in Maine Pyar Kiya Movie

Salman Khan in Maine Pyar Kiya Movie

Ok, so Maine Pyar Kiya was a huge hit and the people that were born in the 60s, 70s or 80s clearly remembered because this movie was all over the place. It gave Salman Khan the needed breakthrough and he builds a name with it. He literally became a huge Bollywood star overnight. The movie was so successful that it was dubbed with an English version. It topped several box offices across the globe and interesting it earned a top spot in markets like Trinidad and Tobago. The movie was so successful in the English version, so the producers dubbed the movie in Spanish as well. It is one of the first and one of the rarest movies that was dubbed in Spanish. The movie was practically a movie that anyone would’ve dreamed to make in the beginning of the career. After that, his career path was relatively easy and he had amazing success. But the start was rough and he waited for few years to find what he was looking for.

5 Years to the next successful movie

Although Salman Khan succeeded with the next movie, it was not a huge success. Why? Simply, because “Baaghi: A Rebel of Love” was not a good movie, and it earned money basically only because fans of the previous hit movie (Maine Pyar Kiaya ) were eager to see the next role of the huge superstar. But other than that the movie was average. It didn’t receive any significant critical acclaim and it most certainly didn’t even come near Maine Pyar Kiya. So, Khan started to struggle and was in the search of his new hit movie. But, he had some crisis.

Salman Khan during his years of frustration

Salman Khan during his years of frustration

His next 3 movies were average and maybe bellow average. In Patthar Ke Phool, Sanam Bewafa and Kurbaan, he basically started with some other popular actors like Sanjay Dutt, but failed to earn the same amount of money. However, the next movie Saajan, earned a lot more and earned critical acclaim which was a small announcement of a comeback. But, those 3 movies were failures and he needed something big to lift him up. Something that will prove his legacy and simply prove that he is a huge superstar.

But his patience and hard work paid off In 1994 he filmed Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!, a movie that proved vital for him to revive his career. It was one of the best movies in his career, because it earned awards for acting, cinematography and directing and was a huge Bollywood blockbuster. However, one small perk was that he didn’t earn the award for best actor, but his colleague in the movie earned the award for best actress. Reportedly the movie earned around $20 million worldwide and for many years It was the highest earning movie. Hindi cinema has never ever seen such a huge movie hit and till now it is still the 4th best-earning movie ever. The movie stayed as the highest earner for 7 straight years. It was the next big thing from Khan.

However, he had it going 1994 and 1995. The next movie project he did was a musical. His acting abilities proved versatile as he truly rocked that part as well. He partnered with the ultra-popular Shahrukh Khan, and the movie was second highest earner for that year. We are talking about the movie Karan Arjun who was a mix of musical, religion and action. Shahrukh and Salman played as brothers in the movie, and Salman was nominated once again as the best actor of the year but failed again to win it.

1996 – 2009 – Lots of Bumps and Changes

Khan didn’t stop with the success he had in 1995 and 1996. He continued with two more movies in 1996. The first was a musical, so called Khamoshi: The Musical. He directed that movie and it was his debut. But, although praised by the critics and the movie magazines, earned little at the box office and was considered as a failure. The action hit Jeet was the other movie that year. It had little above average success. The next year he filmed two more movie releases. The first one Judwaa and the other one was Auzaar. He basically managed to have 1 success each year, and Judwaa was his success for 1997. The movie also enabled him to show off his capabilities, because he played a twin in it. It also became a tradition for Khan to have a failure from time to time. This was the second movie released that year – Auzaar. Actually, it wasn’t that big of a failure but instead was listed below average movie (because maybe he had set high standards!).

The next year he had a fairly successful year. It marked 10 years since his first debut and he celebrated it in style with the great Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya. It was one of the most beautiful movies that year. He also had success, but smaller and less significant, with the drama Jab Pyaar Kisise Htoa hai. Anyone who watched this movie stated that it is one of the most powerful dramas in Indian cinematography. Not only that, his performance was critically acclaimed and many reviewers said that it was one of his best performances of all time. But, he finished the year with a supporting role. The movie was called Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and it earned him an award, again as supporting actor.

Salman Khan with Aishwarya in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Salman Khan with Aishwarya in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Then 1999 came and he starred in 3 movies again. He combined two types of success here: financial and award one. This is because his first two movies: Hum Saath-Saath Hain: We Stand United and Biwi No.1 were huge box office successes. They were the highest earners in 1999 in Bollywood. On the other hand, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam was a smaller project with Aishwarya Rai (the ultra-popular beautiful Bollywood actress). This movie earned him a nomination but this time as a lead actor. However, he didn’t win it, although the movie was a success. The music in the movie was also positively accepted.

In the beginning of 2000 he starred in two movies and those were his only movies till 2002. It seems that he felt tired and wanted to put his career in vacation mode. In 2000 he filmed and published Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega and the so-called Chori Chori Chupke Chupke. The later one was more dedicated to surrogate childbirth and thus touched one sensitive topic. Critics noticed that and he opened the door to even more serious roles.

As we said, he made a pause till 2002, and then filmed Hum Tumhare Hain Sana, the movie noted as successful and is considered as “average in his career. Those 2 years were kinda slow for Salman. But it was all for a reason because it seems like in this years he matured from being that young stud and ultra-successful all-around actor, to a more mature actor that picks the topics and movies where he plays in. We are talking about the role in Tere Naam. It’s better maybe he took those 3-4 years and filmed little less than usual. It made him realize his worth and shifted his focus on much better and more quality movies. Even till today, this movie is one of his best rated and respected work. Movie critics and professionals involved in the industry are simply stating that his work there is a piece of movie art. But, the box office success of this movie was not that good. Khans’ movies often combine that. Either they earn a lot and are criticized by critics, or they earn little and are appraised by critics.

However, he is one of the rare Bollywood stars who didn’t have too many failures in a row. But he started shooting less and less. As years passed by he made lots of smarter choices regarding the movie work. He filmed two comedies in the next two years. The two box office hits were Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and No Entry.

He also worked on 2 movies in 2006 and again was successful earning a lot of money. We are talking about the movies Jaan E-mann and Baabul. In 2007 he experienced the first Hollywood movie. He filmed with an American actress and the movie plot was an American woman that falls in love with him. The movie was Marigold: An Adventure in India. The other movie in 2007 was the so-called Salaam E Ishq. who had moderate success.

Because of his popularity, Khan was invited to host the second season of 10 Ka Dum and it was an extremely popular show. It seems like the TV audience loved his show as the ratings were extremely favorable towards him and the show. It helped the television (Sony) to be one of the most successful ones that year and to become the third most watched.

2009-2016 – Whole Another Level

What people love about Khan is his drive and energy to take things to another level. He was extremely successful but lacked that superhit and ultra-popular status. Well, he earned it in 2009 and the years that followed. The movie that had amazing success in the box office was Wanted. But, Wanted was his only huge success that year. The other two movies were average and even failures. London Dreams was the average one, mostly because of the badly composed music, while the failure that year was Mian Aurr Mrs Khanna. He continued to a slow downfall that year (in terms of success) with the so-called Veer. This was in 2010 and this was little unexpected.

So, now you are maybe asking yourself, where is the another level, when he had only one success and several other failures. However, Khan is loved and adored by the movie fans and it was easy to expect that he would get into more successful projects. His next hit was the stunning movie we all may remember, the ultra-popular Dabanng. We all remember his amazing role of the ultra-powerful cop. Not only that the movie got lots of positive critics and reviews, he also set a new record on the box office. He took the record and earned the most in the first week (the most in history). The worldwide earnings of this movie were amazing too and it became the highest earning movie in 2010. A lot of attention surrounded that movie, simply because it was amazing. The movie even earned the national film award. He finally earned an award as a leading actor on the Star Screen Award Show. He was also pronounced Star of the Year. He also earned lots of other awards for Dabangg. Many people are saying that it was the movie of his career. The movie is currently the fourth highest earning movie, and in 2010 I was second. Many say that all his next roles are just a shadow of the role he played in Dabanng.

Chulbul Pandey Salman in Dabangg

But if you thought that he will stop with Dabanng, you’ve been tricked. He followed with another ultra-successful movie in the name of Ready. It was little behind Dabangg, because it earned little less money and was a second highest earner in the first week, and was just behind Dabangg in that ranking. Additionally, he earned, even more, money that year with the movie Bodyguard (more than $26 million). The bodyguard was the highest earner in India that year as well!

He started 2012 on a high note with the blatantly successful Ek Tha Tiger. The film was extremely popular because of the inclusion of the popular Katrina Kaif. He acted as a spy from India. The critics were relatively neutral towards the movie as it earned mixed reviews. However, the public loved it. It’s opening day earned him $4.6 million, broke the record at that time. Also, it was one of the rare Bollywood movies that grossed over $40 million with worldwide gross earnings of $45. The movie basically broke the record of his other movie (Bodyguard) as the movie with highest earnings in the first week. It was the highest earner in the first 3-day release as well.

But Salman didn’t stop there. Together with Arbaaz Khan who believed in a sequel of Dabangg, they filmed the popular Dabangg 2 earning him again a lot of money, little less than Ek Kha Tiger. This sequel opened the cinemas with $2.9 million and earning $8.7 in 3 days. This broke 2 records again. First, it broke the record as the highest earner in a non-holiday day. Then it also broke the 3-day record of highest earnings, previously set by Ek Tha Tiger, his own movie. But, it failed to overcome the overall earnings of Ek Tha Tiger. The sequel of Dabangg 2 gathered around $37 million, about $8 million short.

After such successful movies, he finally had an average movie with Jai Ho. It was an average both in box office earnings and critics. He continued with another average movie in the name of Kick, and it was one of the rare times where he sang. He covered the song “Hangover”.

It seems like in his career he had regular and below average acts, and then periods where he literally rules Bollywood. This was the case again after the average 2014. He rocked Bollywood in 2015. The movie that earned him a lot of money that year was Bajrangi Bhaijaan and the movie set a great record. It earned stunning $15 on the first weekend and staggering $27 on the first 7 days. Bajrangi Bhaijaan is still the second movie with most earnings in India of all time. But that success didn’t stop right there. He simply couldn’t stop that year with his second amazingly successful movie – Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. He grossed over 100 crores and was his 9th consecutive movie to do so. The movie earned staggering $27 million in the first 7 days. He is the only actor in Bollywood to have 3 movies that earned over $30 million and he is the only actor to earned more than $74 million in a single year domestically.

He continued 2016 with another hugely successful movie, Sultan. Sultan broke many records again, and also earned tons of positive reviews by both regular consumers and professional movie critics. On the opening day it earned $5.4 million, and in the first week, it grossed amazing $31 million. In the second week, it earned $41 million total. Till today the movie earned $87 million and it is continuing to earn a lot of money.

We are all awaiting his next movie which will be published under the name of Tubelight. He is co-starring with his brother. Officially his co-stars are Sohail Khan and Zhu Zhu, popular actress from China. The movie is set to be released really soon. Let’s just see if it will be as widely successful as most of his other movies.

2011-2014 Production

Like most of the successful actors, Mr. Khan also produced several movies. He started a production company and produced several movies. However, one great deed he did with his production company was the fact that all money he earned from the movies, he donated to Being Human, a humane gesture. We will later talk about his philanthropy and all of the great donations he made. His production movie company, that goes under the name of SKBH Productions, released the first movie in 2011. He aimed it at the kids and it ended up earning 3 national awards. He filmed several other movies with his production house. The next featured film was Shikshanachya Aicha Gho. But, that movie was not as good as the first one and it earned mixed reviews from the critics.

He returned to production with another movie, but this time under a new production company called SKF. Surprisingly it was a Canadian film called Dr. Cabbie. With this movie, he earned surprisingly $350k only on his opening day, which was a second highest earner in Canada. The other two he also produced were Hero and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. It seems like everything he touches, goes to success, so his production companies produced successful movies and it is announced that he will also continue producing in future.

Television 2008-2013

Salman Big Boss Host

Salman Big Boss Host

Salman Khan was also really involved in various Indian TV shows. He most notable appearance was in 10 Ka Dum. The show was extremely popular in India in 2008 with amazing ratings. It’s peak rating was 4.5 and it lead all other shows of the competitor TVs. Like we previously said, this show helped Sony a lot. The TV station was struggling at that moment, and Khan’s appearance returned the 3rd position of Sony as the most watched Indian TV station. After the massive TV success, he again hosted the show. He was pronounced as the Best Anchor for both years he hosted that show, which just proved his amazing talent. In 2010 he shifted to another TV show – Bigg Boss 4. Again, the show was a massive success and earned him lots of viewers and acceptance. The previous 3 versions of the show can’t be compared to the 4th edition when Mr. Khan hosted it. The ratings jumped to 3.6 from 2.43, while the finale episode had 6.7 ratings, one of the best ratings ever in the Indian TV shows history.

His TV journey continued with appearances in MasterChef and DID – Li’l Masters. He then returned to host Bigg boss again. Because of the huge acceptance and popularity, he again hosted Bigg Boss from 5 – 8. He also hosted another huge show – Star Guild Award. Basically, he dominated both TV and the movie industry at a certain point.

Commercials – Again Ultra Successful


Salman Khan Mountain Dew Shoot

Salman Khan Mountain Dew Shoot

As a huge movie star, he earned amazing amounts of money through several ads and brand endorsements. But, it is interesting that he acted in many commercials before he even started his movie career. He basically used these commercials to make a name for himself. The advertisements included Campa Cola and even Hero Honda Bikes. After he became ultra-successful, he didn’t show interest in taking advantage of his popularity. He never advertised anyone till 2002 when he advertised Thums Up. Some other advertisements included the Mountain Dew contract, which made him a brand ambassador for this soft drink company. He also represented one travel website (Yatra), was the face of the popular History Channel and represented Suzuki.

Additionally, he later recognized the possibility to earn a lot of money so he also collaborated with Red Tape Shoes, Relax Hawaii and the brand for detergents called Wheel. Additionally, he collaborated with Chlormint (gum brand) in a commercial with his brother. Also, there were endorsements with Sangini, Dixcy Scot and BlackBerry. One of the latest endorsement of Salman Khan included the Tiger biscuits. Additionally, he collaborated with brands like Rotomac Pen and was a brand ambassador of Splash, the fashion label. He also collaborated with SF Sonic Batteries and Technik Ltd. So, the list of companies he worked with is long and his endorsements earned him millions. This again just proves his ultra-celebrity status.


Salman Khan has proved that he cares about his profession and humanity. He didn’t forget the meaning of life and was opened to help his fellow actors and people that needed a real help. He has offered great mentorship help to several actors in Bollywood. Hrithik Roshan and Arjun Kappor were one the first actors he mentored. He also has helped directors, not only actors.

But his help didn’t stop just there as he is involved in every part of the movie production. He also helped composers and other actors. Sajid-Wajid and Himesh Reshammiya. He also was of huge support to Leela Bhansali to create the popular musical Khamoshi: The Musical. Another great deed by Khan was when he saved Govinda from another disaster and basically saved his acting career. He offered him a role in his popular movie Partner. Partner was a success and Govinda later confirmed that it was that movie that kept him going and he hugely appreciated the help of Salman Khan. He did something similar and helped another actor, the so-called Mohnish Bahl. The movie was called Baagh: A Rebel for Love, but he also included him in Maine Pyar Kiya. This actor also did other popular movies like Jai Ho and Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!, Hum Saath-Saath Hain in which he acted with Salman again.

The list of actors he helped continues with the new popular Ravi Kishan. He helped him get a role in Tere Naam. Danny Denzongpa is also really grateful to Salman because he also mentored his son Rinzing. He mentored two other kids of popular people in India. We are talking about Sooraj, son of Aditya Pancholi and Athiya, daughter of Suneil Shetty. They were included in the movie we already mentioned – Hero. It was a movie from his own production company. When Sonu Sood had problems in his career, Salman decided to help him. He offered his own role in the remake of Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho. He showed that he is a great personality when he also mentored the son of his bodyguard. He also helped Armaan Kohli, who wasn’t that successful in Bollywood. They played together in the movie Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

As you can see the list of actors and movie workers he helped is long, so generally he was giving in terms of help, mentorship and educating other aspiring actors.

Besides his mentorship, Khan was also great in donating to the people and organization in need. His biggest contribution is his humane organization called Being Human. Within the organization, he sells t-shirts and another type of products. A Huge portion of the sales goes to human causes to support the underprivileged. Actually, that is the cause of the whole organization. He funded the organization from his own money, but now it also has other investors and ways of getting donations. It is one of the biggest foundations started by an actor. Currently, this organization focuses on Education and Health Care but in order to gain attention and popularity for the foundation he also started several initiatives. He tried to sell art, merchandise and gold coins all for the purpose of getting more revenue into the organization, so they can fund the ones in need.

He also helped with his production company. All money he generated through that production company were donated to Being Human organization. The movie we already mentioned, that was produced through SKBH, earned 3 awards and was a success.

He also helped more than 400 prisoners from around 63 prisons. Helped them in a way that he paid them the legal fines, because most of the prisoners couldn’t pay them due to the financial and economic crisis.

He also showed that he is a great human being in 2015. As a surprise, in 2015, he showed in one Indian village Hatluni and lead the workers he paid to paint all houses in this poor and damaged location.

He also wanted to help the farmers in India, so he offered all earnings from his highest earning movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan. What was amazing is that his actions also motivated the producer Rockline Venkatesh to donate the profits as well. The director of the movie and Khan’s sister also met with government officials to donate more money.

One of his heartfelt donations, that was not in money, was when he met an 11-year-old fan from Pakistan. Born with Cirggler Najjar Syndrome the kid met Khan after the star made his wish come true.

So besides mentorship, he did lots of philanthropy and is continuing to do so. Almost any donations he makes are through his NGO and his production company.


Currently, he is living in Bandra, Mumbai. But he also owns a huge home in Panvel with 3 bungalows, pool, and a gym.With his appealing muscular appearance and popularity, he was a huge catch too many women. His playboy status was earned because he changed tons of girlfriends and he never married one. His love life always filled the tabloids and magazines.

Salman Khan with Ex-Girlfriend Katrina Kaif

Salman Khan with Ex-Girlfriend Katrina Kaif

His first public relationship, a relationship that was widely covered in the media, was the one with the ultra-popular Aishwarya Rai. The relationship with the popular Bollywood actress lasted for 2 years. He again dated a huge acting star in the name of Katrina Kaif. Although the couple denied that they were dating years and years, in 2011 it was Katrina that admitted that they were in a serious relationship for years. The relationship officially ended in 2010, but he didn’t stop there. The popular Sangeeta Biljani was reportedly dating Salman. Additionally, the attractive Somy Ali was also his girlfriend.

One crucial thing you need to know about Salman Khan, and that you will be amazed about, is that he suffers from the “suicide disease”. This condition is not a depression, but a facial nerve disorder. He admitted the condition first in 2011, but also confirmed in an interview that he suffers the consequences more in the latest few years. This is simply amazing, as he has been battling with this and is amazingly successful. His voice is affected by this disease and it made it much harsher.

Salman Khan in Madame Tussaud`s

Salman Khan in Madame Tussaud`s

He has had great success in the media and was highly appraised by tons of TV shows, Award Events, and Magazines. He was appraised for his acting performances, sexy looks, and popular face. The highly popular People Magazine pronounced him as number 7 as most attractive man. Because of his global popularity, he was also praised with figure in Madame Tussaud’s Museums in New York and London. The Indian edition of People Magazine pronounced him as the Sexiest man alive in 2010. From 2011-2013 he was always in the top 3 most desirable man according to Times. He tops that list in 2012. His name was most searched and pronounced as the most searched celebrity. He was at the top of Forbes in 2014 according to popularity and earnings.

He was even 71st position in top entertainers worldwide list according to Forbes in 2015, mostly because in 2015 he earned staggering $33 million. His high earnings outranked many Hollywood celebrities and because of that, he topped many of the global superstars as one of the highest paid actors on the 2015 Forbes list. These are just part of his acclamations. Khan is one of the loved humans in India and even outranked Barack Obama. The personality and popularity were again confirmed in 2015 when he was ranked as the second most searched Indian on Google, and the most searched actor. He is also a goodwill ambassador for the current Summer Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

But it is not all shiny and positive with Salman. Throughout the years there were tons of controversies surrounding his life. He had problems with the law as well, which just proves that nobody is perfect. Driving mostly made his problems. First, his car ran into a bakery, one person died and 3 were injured. He was charged with murder. He had luck and extreme professional help, as, later, those charges were dropped in 2013.  He pleaded not guilty, even though the case was later was dismissed. However, the case was reinstalled in 2015 and Khan was found guilty. They confirmed that he drove the car which leads to death and injuries of homeless people. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison. His driver was also charged with perjury because he falsely witnessed that he was driving the car. One interesting twist occurred in late 2015. The case was dismissed again and Khan was released from all charges due to lack of evidence. The lack of evidence occurred because the only strong witness was kidnaped and killed. Many people and the media investigated this case. It is still a mystery how this happened and this case basically put a huge shade on Khan’s career.

Salman Khan with Aishwarya Rai

Salman Khan with Aishwarya Rai

He had more problems with harassment rumors as well. The relationship we mentioned with Aishwarya Rai was heated in 2002 when she blamed him openly that Khan harassed and beat her. That was a side of Salman Khan that was previously unknown. But, it was serious as she filed a complaint. His image was also seriously ruined in 2005 when a copy of a conversation was reported in the media. The call was reportedly taken by Mumbai police. What was so controversial about the call was the fact that it included organized crime and awful comments about other actors. The actor released statements that the recording was false and fake, which was later also confirmed by a government official forensic lab.

He was also in serious problems in 2006 when he was sentenced to 1 year jail time because he hunted endangered species. Later the sentence was denied, and he got a 5-year jail term but was granted a bail, which he used. The blackbuck killing hunt case was totally dismissed in 2014 after years of law struggle.

Lots of other controversies were not related to crimes, but the comments he made in public. First one in September when he stated that the elite was on target in the attacks in 26/11. He stated that the elite was targeted, like 5-star hotels, but he asked why this has not been done before. He basically criticized everyone that attacks happened in small towns and trains, but no one even talked about it. He said that Pakistan was not faulty, and the Indian forces made several mistakes. However, he was largely criticized about this from several Indian authorities and political parties. He later apologized because of all the media attention and pressure.

Salman Khan has a powerful Twitter account with more than 19 million followers. It was a surprise when in July 2015 he used the account to talked about the Bombay bombings in 1993. When Yakub Memon was about to be hanged, he tweeted that Tiger Memon should be hanged instead. Tiger Memon is the brother of Yakub. Twitter and the media erupted in an additional tweet in which he addressed the Pakistani prime minister that he knew that Tiger is in his country. He was heavily criticized for these tweets, many people protested outside his house and even his father said that he shouldn’t tweet that. Because of the drama and after all controversy he deleted those tweets.


  • He has an average height of 170 centimeters or 5′ 7″. He had the buffy and muscular appearance from the very beginning of a career as the training and bodybuilding are in his DNA. That is why he was able to act and participate in tons of demanding roles. He has one of the best physics in the whole movie industry.
  • He is one of the most followed and liked Indian celebrities with more than 32 million Facebook fans and 19 million Twitter followers.
  • There is a restaurant for his fans in Mumbai. It goes under the name of Bhaijaanz and all fans of his movies can visit the place to experience unique photos and artwork.
  • He is a soap freak, literally. His baths are filled with different kinds of soap. He adores natural fruit scent and loves to wash his body with natural ingredients.
  • Of course, it was expected, because of the popularity and the money, for him to be attracted to cars. He has an incredible passion for the German brands of Mercedez-Benz and BMW. Additionally, he also adores Land Cruisers.
  • The additional interesting fact is that he is a great swimmer. He was considered to represent his school in a swim competition when he was younger.
  • He refused to play a villain in Baazigar. He simply stated that he didn’t want to be negative and bad in movies and that such roles don’t look attractive to him.
  • He has a love for art and music. He has recorded several songs, including the 2016 songs Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hia and 440 Volt. More than 40 songs with his voice are available to listen and download. He also has painted posters and also other paintings that he later gave as a gift to some of his fellow colleagues as Aamir Khan.
  • He adores writing movies as well, besides being a director, actor, and producer. He wrote the story and idea for Baaghi: A rebel for Love. Other movies that he wrote were “Veer” and “Chandramukhi”.

We can conclude the interesting facts about this global star with the fact that he loves Chinese food and his favorite restaurant in Mumbai is the so-called China Garden which he frequently visits. You may run into him there if you live in Mumbai.

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